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Our Approach

The 5 Ps To Performance 

1. Unlocking Potential – 3 Keys to Unlocking Potential

       Aspirations – Greater performance – Opportunities

  1. We invest time up-front to understand your organisational aspirations and culture.
  2. We determine the potential for greater performance and how we can be of assistance to you.
  3. We look for opportunities to support you in dealing with performance blockers such as managers who may:
  • Lack empathy and only drive business from a technical perspective
  • Fail to give positive and /or corrective feedback
  • Have failed to develop effective communication skills and therefore good conflict resolution techniques
  • Have difficulty motivating their staff to full potential
  • Find it difficult to transition from team member to manager

2. Harnessing Performance – 3 Keys to Harnessing Performance

        Analysing – Aligning – Creating powerful leaders

  1. Using a range of assessment tools, we are able to identify and analyse the leadership gaps that exist between your organisation’s current and potential performance and the skills and behaviours you need to develop to meet your organisational objectives
  2. We design and align our programs to critical leadership competencies that will drive performance
  3. We develop performance activities that support people to gain insight into their strengths, challenges and areas for growth and become powerful leaders

3. Tailoring programs – 3 Keys to Tailoring Programs

         Customising – Meaningful and personally enriching – Producing results

  1. We customise programs based on leading edge strategies targeting your organisation’s specific needs and our understanding of the client group.
  2. Our learning activities are meaningful and personally enriching and potentially take place over one or several contacts and may include Psychometric Testing,Training or Coaching.
  3. Our programs produce real results and support your people to:
  • Develop self leadership qualities
  • Show insight and empathy when managing staff
  • Clarify and communicate business expectations
  • Manage staff performance clearly and effectively
  • Understand that good leadership is about developing positive staff relationships
  • Manage staff performance fairly and effectively
  • Embrace their role as manager to motivate their team to work to their full potential

4. Aligning people – 3 Keys to Aligning People

        Driving behaviours – Producing leaders – Developing trust and collaboration

  1. We create leaders who know that they can realistically impact and continue to drive behaviours that lead to high levels of performance, productivity and staff morale.
  2. To produce the leaders you want our targeted programs focus on:
    • Leadership and management development
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Effective workplace relationships
    • Conflict resolution strategies
    • Effective communication
    • Bullying and harassment
    • Influencing and negotiating skills
    • Mentoring
    • Coaching for success
  3. We support participants to form a strong collegiate in which trust and collaboration is key

5. Creating partnerships – 3 Keys to Creating Partnership

Trusted advisors – Real perspective and experience – Sustained change

  1. We work with you as trusted advisors
  2. We bring a talent pool of highly skilled and experienced consultants who bring fresh eyes and real perspective
  3. We stand by our results ensuring the required skills and behaviours are developed and sustained in the participants’ day-to-day activities



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