I’ll Be Happy When…

Do your thoughts sometimes run like this – “I’ll be happy when I lose weight..”, “I’ll be happy when I pay off my mortgage…”, “I’ll be happy when I have enough money to buy a new car (house, holiday etc.)”, “I’ll be happy when I stop smoking (drinking, eating etc.)”.

According to Emily Fletcher, this thinking is actually a syndrome. (


“I’ll be happy when…” thinking, ensures that our happiness is always in the future and often, elusive. As we live in a very outcomes focused society, we tend to put great stock in the results of our efforts. As such, when we fail to reach our goals or meet our expectations, we may also forget to acknowledge our persistence, or our creative thinking, our patience or the times we have supported the people we care about.

In my Emotional Intelligence programs, I often ask people to think about what happiness means to them. Or, “How do you know when you’re happy?” Or, “When do you choose to be happy?” Many find it confronting however, these question spark some truly worthwhile discussions.