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At Verve Potential we believe it is important that Our Learning & Development Programs are followed up by coaching sessions to enable effective skills transfer. Our coaches play a fundamental role in transferring knowledge to the individual, pair or team to enhance their professional growth.

We provide a variety of coaching techniques to ensure we reach our target audience, which include:


Individual Coaching

We believe coaching develops employees and creates leaders.  Individual coaching enables participants to take the next step in their career or role by assisting them to think outside the box, achieve personally enriching goals, develop new approaches to decision making, and most importantly, develop new behaviours to embed trusting and collaborative relationships with staff and peers.

Workplace coaching transcends day-to-day tasks and activities associated with a particular role, and manifests in the individual’s personal life. Our coaching supports employees to create better balance and personal satisfaction in their working life.


One-on-One Coaching: Careers


If your career is at a standstill, you no longer get any satisfaction from your work, or the job outlook in your field has taken a nosedive, it may be time to reassess your choices.

Our Individual Career Coaching Program is designed to help you accelerate or re-invigorate your career, including during career transitions.


Broadly, the Individual Career Coaching program covers:

  • Reflection and assessment of current situation and goals
  • In-depth exploration of your passion, values, beliefs, needs, interests and career aspirations
  • Build your personal brand
  • Improve your digital brand
  • Personalised strategy for career development
  • Network yourself into a job: mentors, coaches, sponsors, referees
  • Identifying your ideal role
  • Stand out with a C21st resume and job application
  • Polish your Interview technique
  • Shine in your new job

Your journey with us starts with a 1-hour initial consultation where we explore where you are at and how you would like your future to be different. Even if you don’t know the answer to that question, we will be able to guide you to make the right choice at this time.


Typically each session lasts for approximately 1 hour. Initially, a number of sessions are required to establish needs and identify the issues you wish to focus on. Some clients prefer a regular coaching session, say once a fortnight, while others prefer once a month. This is of course dependent on the client, their specific needs and timeframe. Sessions can be conducted on site at your premises at a time convenient to you, or held off site in our offices. Some clients prefer to utilise the convenience of telephone consultations.

What you can expect?

Expect to be challenged and to learn a lot about yourself. Of course all discussions are strictly confidential between the coach and the client. Expect to be asked lots of questions. Successive sessions will see the creation of tactics and plans to help you achieve your goals. Each plan is tailored to your own individual requirements from our “Steer your Career’ plan.
We use a number of models and instruments to help facilitate your reflection and structure the coaching.
You will receive an email summary of each meeting and you can expect to have follow up work to accomplish after every session.

Our Coaching Model

We use a number of different peak performance models and techniques. Each is designed to focus on different aspects of your goal achievement plan.
Each coachee receives a copy of my recent book “52 Ways to Steer your Career”


One-on-One Coaching: Email

Research has shown that Email Productivity training is most successful when performed “Face-to-Face”. Despite the fact that Email is one of the most broadly and frequently used applications for business workers, most people never received any formal training in its use!

Our one to one Email Coaching is designed for busy professionals who want flexibility and a tailored learning experience. If you’re struggling to find time to invest in your professional development or simply prefer a more personal learning experience, a 1:1 coaching intervention offers advantages such as:

  • a tailored approach to address what you need to know right now
  • work in your preferred learning style and at your own pace
  • coaching scheduled at a time and space that’s convenient for you

We aim to help you to get a grip on email overload, gain more control, reduce frustration, save an enormous amount of time and radically improve your workplace productivity and communication effectiveness.


One-on-One Coaching: Bullying & Harassment

We believe that sometimes, sensitive issues such as workplace bullying, harassment or discriminatory conduct need to be dealt with confidentially. We therefore provide one-on-one coaching to support employers to both prevent inappropriate workplace conduct from occurring and to investigate and remedy any incidences of inappropriate workplace conduct that may arise in, or in relation to, the workplace.


Buddy Coaching

Buddy coaching enables participants to identify a fellow member of staff who they would like to develop skills with in the workplace. Assisting staff to coach each other is an essential means to ensuring continuous workplace growth and development. This reinforcement gives people the confidence to know that they can realistically impact and continue to drive behaviours that lead to high levels of performance, productivity and staff morale. By working in buddy pairs, participants are able to develop strong, trusting workplace relationships that will be of significant benefit to their organisation.


Team Coaching

Team coaching is generally used after the completion of a training session to reinforce the concepts learnt during the training.

In a team coaching session we identify either an individual’s workplace challenge or agree on one challenge of general interest to the group. The facilitator then supports the group to utilise their knowledge of the tools and processes taught in the training to create an understanding of ways to resolve the issue and develop desired team behaviours. This coaching provides practical experience to the team in using key concepts, tools and approaches whilst also strengthening the bond of the group.



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